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Travel to Yalta Crimea

Travel to Yalta

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Situated in a picturesque bay on the southern coast of Crimea and surrounded by amphitheater of mountains covered with pine forests, by numerous vineyards and lush gardens, the city of Yalta, based on the site of an ancient Greek colony and then old Genoese village - a resort with a mild and friendly climate.

The atmosphere of Mediterranean - embankment inundated a sun, palms and cypresses, fresh sea-breeze, warm and comfort off-season did from Yalta fashionable and popular place of rest. Leo Tolstoy and Anton Chechov lived here, members of tsar's house and noble aristocrats built the summer residences here, tsar Alexander III - Massandrovskiy Palace, emperor Nickolay II - Livadiyskiy.
Now in palaces are disposed museums, and in historic estates are hotels and holiday homes.

In 1945 Yalta Conference of the Big Three - the Soviet Union, the United States and Great Britain was held here at the Livadia Palace in Yalta. At that time in the Palace lived President Franklin D. Roosevelt, Prime Minister Winston Churchill was located in the Vorontsov Palace, and Stalin - in the Yusupov Palace, 7 km from Yalta.

In our time on the embankment of Yalta you can see people strolling in all seasons. Painters exhibit their paintings here, and residents and guests of the city meet to exchange news, to show oneself and look at others.
Many of sights of Yalta attracting attention of tourists and a great climate and healing air of coniferous forests contribute to relaxing and recreation.

The city has many restaurants, cafes, hotels, parks, theaters and a open-air market. The beaches here are private and the public. Two beaches in Yalta awarded a blue flag of UNESCO.
In the vicinity of the city a lot of small resort towns with hotels, beaches, vineyards, botanical gardens and historical monuments, to which easily reached by taxi or by public transport from Yalta.

With caring about the clearness of air in the Crimea, here are built a trolleybus line that connects the main railway station of Crimea in Simferopol with southern coast. It is the longest trolleybus line in Europe, and its length - 90 km.
But to the coast can be reached by taxi or by public transport.


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