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Balaclava first entered to the pages of world classics when the famous epic hero Odysseus was cast ashore near the City of Laistrygones after six days of play turbulent sea with his boat. Mythology conserved better than ancient architecture of Balaklava. People say that here was a Temple of Iphigenia - the daughter of King Agamemnon, which made the first in history of tourism travel to Crimea. The ancient Romans built a temple of Hercules. In the world there are only thirteen such sanctuaries. For a while the Byzantine monks inhabited here.

In the 14 century Genoese merchants defended the cozy harbor of Balaklava from competitors and guarded the Princedom of Feodoro wich they based here, it even caused a war in 1433. In 1475 Turks conquered Crimea and have given the name city - Fish Nest that sounded like Balak Lava. Hence is the modern name of the city.
The city beckoned as a magnet - Zaporozhye Cossacks have invaded there in 1625 and were guarding the Crimean coast from the Turks some time.
The Crimean War of 1853-1856 brought to the shores of Balaklava best forces of the British Army. The English were the ones who built the first railway in Ukraine and the embankment in Balaklava, who opened small shops and casinos. They were so satisfied with the results of their effort what called this city "Little London."

In the 19 century former village became a fashionable and prestigious resort where the villas by wealthy people and medical facilities for treatment of mud were built. Russian poet Alexander Pushkin, painter Ivan Aivazovsky, and Ukrainian poetess Lesya Ukrainka were enchanted by magical beauty of the Gulf of Balaklava and the adjacent capes of Aiya and Fiolent.

The Soviet days has changed Balaklava. The engineers drilled shaft in one of the cliffs and factory for repair of submarines was set up there. Mine is so vast that it can accommodate seven submarines simultaneously, and in case of nuclear war it could locate three thousand people who could be live there during three years! For a long time the city was classified and closed to tourists.

Only recently Balaclava which is located just a few kilometers from Sevastopol won back its reputation as a resort. Underground submarine base is one of the main attractions and is open to the public.
The city has certified moorage for yachts, sailing regatta is held yearly, water clarity in the Bay amazing to divers, local crabs are huge and dolphins swim near to shore.
There are ancient pines here and wild beaches, the trackway to one of which has the 800 stairs.

From here you can get to Yalta by car. On the way visit Cape Fiolent with the ancient monastery of St. George founded in 891 year.
The sun shines over Balaclava 2300 hours per year.

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Low Season
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Single 60 84 660
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Semi-Suite 85 118 930
Semi-Suite+ 97 136 1070
Suite 129 181 1420
Suite 143 200 1570

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