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Ukraine is an ancient Slavonic land in the south-west of the great East European plain. The territory of Ukraine is in Eastern Europe on the border of western and eastern peoples and cultures.

Today Ukraine with the population near 46.3 millions people and the area of 603.7 thousands square km is one of the biggest states in Europe. In directly borders on seven countries Poland, Hungary, Romania, Moldova, Byelorussia, Russia.

The Danube river is one of the longest ones in Europe. It makes the south-western boundary of Ukraine and connects the country with other European states. But the main waterway of Ukraine is the Dnieper river which is as old as the history.

The representatives of more than 100 nationalities live on the territory of Ukraine.

The language is a bearer of the national spirituality of the Ukrainian people, which has been forming during many centuries. The mother tongue preserves the acquirement of national culture and traditions. The Ukrainian language is one of the most melodious languages in the whole world. Throughout time, travelers were drawn to Ukraine by its mild climate, exclusive picturesque, sites, its peoples hospitality, its riches, and interesting history.

Since ancient times folk craft such as processing of fiber, leather, making tile, glass and plates (pottery) have been preserved and turned into art trade.

Ukraine is famous for rich national cuisine traditions. Such Ukrainian dishes as borshch, varenyky, Ukrainian sausages, curd fritters and so on are known all over the world. Ukrainian vodka (gorilka), cordials and different fruit and honey drinks are also very popular.
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