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Study in Ukraine

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    The structure of the higher education system in Ukraine is based on the recommendations of UNESCO and other international organizations. Higher education is part of the educational system in Ukraine and is determined by the law of Ukraine "About education".
    Ukraine is a member of the Bologna process and acceded to a unified system of European education. Ukrainian system of education is adapted to all European standards and requirements and preserves the high quality of education.
    Holders of diplomas of the higher educational establishments in Ukraine, especially with specialization in physics, mathematics, engineering, aviation, medicine, chemical technologies and naval specialties are in demand worldwide. Ukraine signed the Lisbon Convention on the Recognition of Qualifications concerning Higher Education in the European Region.

    Higher education establishments in Ukraine have four levels of accreditation. First level - the technical secondary school and vocational school. Second – the college. Third and fourth levels of accreditation - institutes, universities, academies and conservatoire. The higher level of accreditation the more opportunities and options for teaching establishment can offer for students.
    The academic year in higher education establishments in Ukraine begins on the 1 of September and ends in June. It is divided into two semesters, students have examinations at the end of each.
    All infrastructure of educational establishments available to foreigners as well as for Ukrainian students. Many higher education establishments provide accommodation for students. Students can also rent an apartment outside the campus.

    Any applicant with an appropriate level of knowledge can study in Ukraine. Competitive selection of applicants is mandatory for all higher education establishments in Ukraine, does not depend on ownership of high school or tuition fee and can not be replaced by payment.
    All higher educational establishments of Ukraine accepting foreign citizens for study in Ukraine regardless of they race, color, status, gender, political or religious views, social origin, place of birth or language of communication. Education in Ukraine is conducted by Ukrainian, Russian or English languages. All foreign nationals who wishing to become students of higher educational establishments in Ukraine must prove proficiency at language of studies (by the results of written testing).
    Foreign citizens can be admitted for study in Ukraine if they have no contraindications to living in climates of Ukraine.
    Foreign students who successfully defended a degree work and passed exams after graduation in Ukraine receive a diploma. Educational establishments provide Apostil certificate of education in Ukraine or legalization in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine.

Ukraine - a country with a rich history in central Europe, with well-developed transport infrastructure, which will help travel the country and acquaint with the traditions and culture of the Ukrainians. Everyone can study in Ukraine, work and relax in the mountains, on resorts or acquaint with the architecture of ancient palaces and castles. Ukrainian cuisine is varied and has excellent taste and the Ukrainian nation is friendly and hospitable.

Structure of education in Ukraine

Master's Degree Integrated
(medicine, veterinary, etc)
Technical schools,
Vocational school
  —→   Bachelor's Degree
Technical and
vocational training
Complete secondary education
Basic general secondary education

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