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Odessa is a seaport in southern of Ukraine.

It was founded by decree of Empress Catherine the Great in place of a small village with ancient Greek roots.

In the 19 century Odessa was a member of the Russian empire, but the style of its historic architecture more Mediterranean than Russian, which is due to the strong influence of French and Italian culture. Many buildings are constructed in a mixed style. The are modern Odessa hotels in these buildings now.

Development plan of the city and the organization of its infrastructure are credited with the Duc de Richelieu, a national of French who fled from the revolution and was appointed governor of Odessa, and his follower - the Comte de Langeron, a Frenchman too.

The most houses with apartment in Odessa built of local limestone which was extracted near the city. Abandoned mines have been increased and used by smugglers. From abandoned mines formed a huge network of tunnels beneath the city and are of interest for extreme tourists now. These tunnels (catacombs) - the main reason that the city has no subway.

The port has done from Odessa a city-cosmopolitan, it is home to many peoples and nations. Alexander Pushkin, Ilf and Petrov, Metchnikoff and other prominent people lived in the city at different time. Potemkin Stairs (142M) - the main Odessa sightseeing is the recognizable symbol of the city which became famous around the world thanks to the movie of Sergei Eisenstein Battleship Potemkin (1925).

Odessa has an international airport, sea port with international ferry, cable car to the sea. The city has many hotels, restaurants, boulevards, theaters, museums, clubs and discos by the sea and on beaches, shops, galleries and tourist sightseeing.

The atmosphere of a free port in Odessa prevails in all seasons.


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