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Lviv - is one of the unique cities in Eastern Europe, which has not lost its medieval authenticity, despite the numerous conflicts in the region in the center of which he was. Its architecture is almost completely preserved.

A city surprises by multidimensionality of sights – here both gloomy catacombs and elegant palace's buildings.

Founded in 13th century Lviv is one of the oldest towns in Eastern Europe. He has always been a center of commerce and attracted many architects, sculptors and talented artists.

Excursions of the Old Town necessarily focus on the city’s trademark Rynok Square (Market Square). Each of 44 houses located on this Square have their own histories and correspond different architectural styles – Gothic, Renaissance, Baroque and Classicism, Eclecticism and Art Nouveau. Old Austrian fortress of the 19 th century, the Powder Tower and the Tower of Tailors, Armory, Castles of Lviv, the Roman Catholic Church and Opera House would cause your interest and delight without fail.

For almost 150 years Lviv was the eastern capital of the Habsburg Empire and now you can see Habsburg heritage here. You will be interested to know that the building of the City University which once housed a local government is built on the site of a former casino which was once graced by Emperor Franz himself.

Lviv is one of the most romantic cities in Ukraine if not the whole of Eastern Europe and keep a love’s secrets of Polish princes, wellborn Ukrainian and Austrian noblemen.

Lviv offers plenty to see and do, whether one is traveling alone or in a group.


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  Travel to Lviv   Travel to Lvov   Travel to Lviv



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